150 Splatter Animations + Opener


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  • Attributes

    Length 0:37
    Resolution 1920 x 1080
    File Size 249MB
  • Applications Supported

    After Effects

This motion graphic package includes 150 unique animated splatter animations. You can use these graphic elements for a variety of purposes. Use them stand-alone and import them in any popular video editor you might work with. Or use the included AE project file as an title opener to use them in the style as shown in the preview above.

These seemingly hand-drawn splashes are perfect for adding more dynamic esthetic to your animation videos. Use them as paint splatters, energy flashes, streaks, slashes, blasts, drips or anything else you can think of. Included are the thick paint and glow look as a preset. Also 10 text presets are included to quickly animate text in and organic fashion.

The After Effects project also has an “Old TV Overlay” effect which can be turned of with a push of a button.


  • 150 Splatter Animations
  • 10 Text Presets Paint
  • Overlay preset included
  • Glow Overlay preset included
  • After Effects Project Included
  • In-Depth Video Tutorials


  • Splatters are pre-rendered @ ProRes 422 1920×1920
  • Easy customization
  • Easily change colors
  • After Effects CC2014 and higher (Universalized Expressions)
  • Music is not included but can be found below

The fonts that are used are called “Bebas Neue” and “Tondu” and are free for download. Links to these fonts are provided within the project file.

Music Track
The music is not included within the project but can be found on AudioJungle from “AlbaCoherta” at AudioJungle: Because We Are Young Social Pages

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