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Hello everyone, today I will guide you to edit photos in the most simple way. Called magazine cover style “amateur”.

The first step, make sure you have the right Photoshop software. You can download the software through the article Download Photoshop CC 2015 64bit Full Crack.

After that, you will have to have the right picture ?, if you do not have experience in photo editing, we just ask her google, depending on the purpose of use, you will download the image and insert it into Photoshop.

I will take this example: Make magazine covers

Magazine cover model photo
Magazine cover model photo

To insert photos into Photoshop, there are many ways, the following I will introduce more for you.

Method 1: Right-click on the image, Open With -> Adobe Photoshop CC5

Method 1 to open picture to Photoshop
Method 1 to open picture to Photoshop

Method 2: Drag the image into the Photoshop icon under the Taskbar

Insert picture in Photoshop
Insert picture in Photoshop

Method 3: You choose File -> Open, or Ctrl + O

Open file in Photoshop
Open file in Photoshop

Then, you choose the path to the image, select the image and click Open.

Open file in Photoshop
Open file in Photoshop

You copy the original image into 2 images, select the image and press Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V

Open file in Photoshop, Make magazine covers
Open file in Photoshop

To facilitate the process of working, we divide the screen, select “Window -> Arrange -> All Title Vertically”

Make magazine covers, Make magazine covers
Open Title in Photoshop

You press “right mouse”, select “Quick Selection Tool” then select “Add Selection” and select “Size” accordingly.

Magic tool
Magic tool

You write the text on the left image, then use the Quick Selection Tool to select the area in the right image, finally use the Move Tool, hold the V button and drag the right selection to match the left image.

You Right Click the word, then you adjust the font color.

Make magazine covers
adjust the font color

I have finish Make magazine covers 😀

Download This File Photoshop: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ulFVwtq9z3VOtHlbaN6iV-kM2JMMDSZm

You add the text and similar editing offline. If you find the article useful, do not forget to like, share, subscribe channel to support My Website. Thank you very much ^ _ ^

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